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Personal & Group Cacao Ceremony 

I am deeply honored to meet with you in ritual space...

to join hearts with a warm cup of heart medicine...

What’s possible with Cacao Ritual?

When imbibing cacao in a ritual setting... the heart opens, the body enhances and connection with your higher self expands. creativity soars.

Are you feeling ready for more ritual in your life? 

You may already have a relationship with with this magical plant... 

When ingesting cacao, she fuels our ability to stay focused, tuning us into our bodies and hearts in a holistic way. 

When we intentionally sit with a substance (medicine), it exponentially increases its capacity to create our realities, opening a doorway of communication between ourselves and the plant spirit world. 

Where caffeine works on your nervous system, often resulting in a tired/wired cycle, cacao works on your cardiovascular system, encouraging physical movement and heart connection. 

Whats possible for a group setting?

Are you open to cacao and the power of your intention supporting this change? 
Opening ourselves up to a myriad / plethora of plant allies and embodiment tools that allow a deeper connection and ability to listen to our internal guidance system.Why Ritual? 



What you can expect in ceremony together

  • Empathic listening 

  • Calling in your angels guides

  • Working with spirit animals

  • Divination 

  • Guided, meditations 

  • Heart share and listening 

  • Physical movement and guidance   

  • Dance medicine

  • Singing 

  • Journaling 

  • Music 

Personal Intentions and attunement


What are you going through arriving to the space... what are you most needing? 

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