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Your Water Nature
An Exclusive 1-1 Retreat

Day & Multi Day long customizable Immersions like no other! (Welcoming couples)

Gathering together at a clothing optional hot springs location... 

We step outside of space and time to Unwind and Remember the resting state of joy and creativity. I am your host, Water Priestess and Guide...


Imagine... the gentle flowing water and sunlight... eating nourishing delicious food. Receiving the best body work you've ever had. Your heart is overflowing with the wellspring of pleasure and connection to this life.  Everyday you are greeting your mind and body with powerful embodiment practices, breath-work and meditations.


You are tuning yourself to the frequency of harmony. All of this is opening you to a state beyond what you thought was possible.


You are returning deeply to LOVE and simplicity. 

Offering this immersion to you is the culmination of years of study and personal activations. I am overflowing with desire to invite you into a way of being and communing with your body/mind/spirit that activates your non-duel nature of pleasure/pain and immense gratitude. 

All in service to replenishing Your effervescent soul light 

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Retreats Can include

  • Delicious-Vibrant Super Foods Tonics & Meals

  • Movement, Dance & Breathwork Sequencing

  • Whole Body Cleansing & Juice Fasting

  • Water Dance & Play

  • Medicine Journey Exploration

  • Somatic Counsel 

  • Massage Therapy

  • Creative Art Portals

  • Elemental Ritual

  • Hot & Cold Immersion

  • Cacao Ceremony 

  • Nature Adventuring

  • Guided Meditation & Walks


"Grace be the waterfall in the wild of the mind"

- Morgan Harper Nichols

Daylong Immersions ranging from $1-2k

Multi-Day Immersions ranging from $3k-5k

Looking forward to being in the water ways with you!

: : : Blessings from the waters : : :

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