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A Somatically Informed MicroDose Program

Designed to increase                       Pleasure, Vitality & Creativity

'Blossom’ is an Initiation Portal...

Centered in Body Wisdom & Devotional Practices


What can you think of right now that you would like to shift? Imagine that shift… imagine having deep support with that shift, how would your life be different? 

I believe with my whole heart that we all want to slow down and get in tune with ourselves. We often (across many areas of our lives) keep getting the same insight that we want to change in one area or another, but we don't actually know how until we claim our desire and get the necessary support needed to shift us into a new reality of what’s possible. What change are you calling for in your life?

The encouraging news... An intentional MicroDose practice shifts neural patterns while helping integrate challenging emotions and stress  - unveiling your true capacity and potential for creativity and healing. 

Getting started...

In our first MicroDose Consultation Session you will learn... 


  • Advanced MicroDosing practices + tools + popular protocols 

  • Simple understanding of how the medicine is working and what the science is telling us so far

  • Contraindications

  • How this medicine can support your mental health, emotional well-being and creative expression in your daily life

You will be guided to...


  • Define a clear goal to anchor your intention as you embark on your micro-dosing journey

  • Define a protocol that best suits your goals and desires​

Image by Jeremy Bishop

MicroDose Integration

​As you deepen your MicroDose practice you may experience 

  • Enhanced creative expression and performance

  • Insights related to your patterns of stress and body tension

  • Greater understanding of your relationships

  • Emotional release or resurfacing of memories in need of healing  


Our sessions will focus on... 


  • Accountability for weekly intentions 


  • Somatic and mindfulness tools that promote slowing down, assisting any unwinding and restructuring that is happening on a mental, emotional physical or spiritual level

  • Finding clarity amongst division of opposing forces within, when voices or ideas are pulling you in multiple directions 


  • Integrating new resources  

Please note *To deepen our work together I offer packages of 3 sessions to allow ample time for transformation (as apposed to one session at a time)​​

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