Hi there I'm Eve ~

Psilocybin Priestess and Transformational Guide 


Over the last 10 years… I’ve received Psilocybin mushrooms as a trusted ally and friend.


I’m fascinated with altered states, nervous system regulation, building new habits and the organic nature of our universe within.


Working with various tools, I am passionate about supporting people like you... people on a growth path, healers, creatives, and soul-preneurs to soften into mindful states to access your potential through unblocking your vital energy and receiving your body’s wisdom. 

Because your body holds the KEY to soul much! 


We are not taught how to BE with ourselves - how to meet our discomfort and innate knowing- and to trust it! Our discomfort and inner resources have so much to share with us. In fact our modern world is constantly hooking us into disembodiment, distraction and overwhelm and most of the time we don’t even know it. 


The good news! An intentional MicroDose practice shifts neural patterns while helping integrate challenging emotions and stress  - unveiling your true capacity and potential.


Think about that for a moment…


What can you think of right now that you would like to shift? Imagine that shift… imagine having deep support with that shift, what would your life be like with that shift?


The question is are you ready to receive support in making that shift?

In the path of service to your magnificent unfolding ...

Eve Oak

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Option 1

Somatic Soul Sessions 

3 Session Package

Investment $390

Our sessions focus on bringing awareness to what’s most alive for you - bringing a sense of exploration and curiosity while staying connected to your body and nervous system regulation.

Using a wide range of somatic tools we explore your current challenges, past hurts, visions, and intuitions. Engaging your process of healing and empowerment. 

The approach I use in session with you... 

  • Deep listening, mirroring and reflection

  • Guided imagery

  • Breath-work

  • Guided meditations 

  • Greif tending

  • Rituals to mark a specific transition in your life

  • Tracking your process through curiosity and accountability

  • Understanding boundaries, needs, desires and identifying missing experiences

  • Development of new resources and capacities to be with challenges

Areas of experience 

  • Loss of a loved one and the grief process

  • Spiritual emergence or ‘spiritual emergency’

  • Open relationships 

  • Moving through sexual shame and guilt

  • Blood cycle awareness and archetypal integration

  • Womb clearing and activation 

  • Getting to the root of habits 

  • Getting to the root of body tension 

  • Ancestral trauma 

Together we will create support structures and self-care practices. We will deepen your understanding of your internal experience and eventually strengthen what works for you and allow more love and compassion for what doesn’t. 

**Please note *To deepen our work together I offer packages of 3 sessions to allow ample time for transformation (as apposed to one session at a time)

Option 2

MicroDose Guidance   

Session #1 

Investment $175 


In our first MicroDose Guidance session you will learn... 


  • Advanced MicroDosing practices + tools + popular protocols 

  • Simple understanding of how the medicine is working and what the science is telling us so far

  • Contraindications

  • How this medicine can support your mental health, emotional well-being and creative expression in your daily life

You will be guided to...


  • Define a clear goal to anchor your intention as you embark on your micro-dosing journey

  • Define a protocol that best suits your goals and desires

If we are a good fit to continue working together you can sign up for 3 more integration and ongoing guidance sessions. 

Please note *To deepen our work together I offer packages of 3 sessions to allow ample time for transformation (as apposed to one session at a time)

Somatic Integration +

Ongoing MDose Guidance 


Session # 2,3,4 

Investment $450

As you deepen your MicroDose practice you may experience 

  • enhanced creative expression and performance

  • Insights related to your patterns of stress and body tension

  • greater understanding of your relationships 

  • emotional release or resurfacing of memories in need of healing  


Our sessions will focus on... 


  • Accountability for weekly intentions 


  • Somatic and mindfulness tools that promote slowing down, assisting any unwinding and restructuring that is happening on a mental, emotional physical or spiritual level

  • Finding clarity amongst division of opposing forces within, when voices or ideas are pulling you in multiple directions 

  • Integrating new resources  

Dry Flowers

Let's see if we are a fit for working together... schedule a free 20-30 min discovery call here!


And you may contact me directly should you have further questions. 


I look forward to meeting with you and creating a field of love and healing. 


Before MicroDosing I had low motivation and I believe I was in a sub-clinically depressed state. I didn't wake up looking forward to a new day, but rather was trying to make it through the day. Life after MicroDosing -I look forward to each new day.  And I realize I am a new person each day. I have kinder thoughts toward myself and I'm not in a hurry to live life. What I cherish most about this style of coaching is the openness and lack of judgment.


Through sharing my MD experiences with Eve, new aspects of my persona have come to light.  This interaction helped me realize we are not alone and we can be happy and content by living in the here and now. Personally, I would recommend these sessions to all. The follow up sessions and Eve’s tools for tracking the process have allowed me to become more self aware of fears and anxieties and have allowed me to understand them more so I can let them go. Eve helped me rediscover the tools to make meaningful changes in my attitude and this has changed my perception of what it is to be truly alive.

~ C.C.

Each session with Eve has been very unique. Some have allowed me the space to just cry and release pain from past wounds so that I could truly heal. Others have felt very productive and rejuvenating. She consistently holds space for me and gives me the support, empowerment, or clarity I need to move forward on my path. At times she just helps me identify what my path truly is. After every session one thing is always the same and that is how I feel... At peace, grounded and centered. I am more connected to myself, I have a deeper sense of calm and peace and I feel like I am more aligned with my true path in life. 

~ E.M. 

Eve's style of coaching is grounded in the body /spirit connection and Eve has an in-depth knowledge of many different modalities that she uses to go deeper than, say, clinical therapy.  It feels like it's tailored to the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.  


I've gained a deeper trust of self, since the healing work comes from within ourselves, we just have to access it.  When I have a problem, Eve helps me reach within myself to find the solution, and the more I do that the more I trust myself the next time. Our sessions have helped me open my heart, release tension, and feel where energy is blocked, and be able to go in, to move it.  


A huge thing I'm integrating is to deny nothing. It's okay to feel everything we feel, and we don't need to be ashamed of it, and nothing we feel is wrong or bad.  Everything we experience is our body and spirit sending us messages to ourself, and we can go deeper and sit in it and learn from it.

 ~ M.C.