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Guided Journey & 
Integration Coaching 


“First we forgive ourselves,

Next we forgive everybody else, Then we forgive the world,

And this is how the healing wheel turns, It’s our turn” 


Man meditating in on rocky cliff. Sports
Image by C Perret

Why embark on a journey of this nature?

When we ingest medicine we are pulling back the veil...


We have an opportunity to slow down and study up close our inner terrain. Gaining new understanding and awareness for how we are co-creating and allowing past hurts and our belief systems to affect our present moment as well as connecting with incredible resources and new awarenesses. We are learning to bring forth love and compassion more and more, with the aim to integrate these new ways of being into ordinary reality. 


Being able to access a depth of remembering of 'oneness consciousness' and connection can be a huge relief and inform a sense of confirmation to our deeper truths of who we really are and what life is really about. 


Riding these waves often resulting in clear next steps on our path as we integrate these visionary and surreal states in consciousness.

My Personal Story

I have worked intentionally with plant medicine for over 10 years and more seriously in a therapeutic context in the last 8. During this time I’ve had positive, challenging and life changing experiences, which have allowed me to learn to resource myself to show up more fully in my life in my wholeness. 


I experience the journey process being a teacher of how the subconscious and conscious states reveals their wisdom on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical plain. Reminding me that all things are interconnected beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

The visceral inner-standing of inter-woven threads in relation to this planet and my soul and this lifetime is a gift that continues to be salve for the story passed down of ‘separation and not belonging’ to the earth. Being able to name clearly in my process the distorted threads of capitalism and greed, religious sexual oppression, colonialism and compartmentalization thinking that has led to a culture of disconnection and trauma with the natural world and there by with ourselves has been freeing and empowering.... ultimately generating deeper wells of compassion and understanding.  


Through countless journeys into the self, counseling, community and commitment to the integration process, I’ve been able to understand my own loops (both personal and collective) and the ways I choose to continue suffering. Simply put - the medicine path has played a huge role in helping me heal ancestral trauma and rewire my beliefs systems.

Image by Stephen Leonardi

Why having a guide is useful and supportive? 

Humans have been exploring consciousness from the beginning of time because consciousness is what we are. In a thereputic setting, when someone feels called to explore journeying with a medicine, there are a variety of ways to approach it.


As your guide, I aim to create the optimal set and setting for your exploration. In our pre sessions we are building trust and awareness of the threads you are exploring... I am the extra set of eyes and ears to listen with curiosity and suggestions. I'm encouraging a way to study the body-mind with its sensations, images and feelings. Together we are bringing compassion and our hearts to parts (beliefs, voices, thoughts, emotions, stories) that want to move and be understood. We are also welcoming the new experiences and insights and resources (states that support parasympathetic nervous system regulation). We take this learning from our pre-work into the journey for further exploration. 


With the help of medicine allies and the genuine willingness to grow, heal and learn, you can access and receive deep insights into the nature of the reality you co-create. From here, there is an opportunity to implement those lessons into your life, creating lasting shifts in how you interact with yourself and the world.

When the medicine calls, you will know... 


A Journey could benefit you if you are desiring to


  • Mark a specific transition in your life - both challenging or celebratory

  • Embrace wounds that haven’t had a voice or space to be heard, seen & loved

  • Grieve what you've been carrying in your emotional, mental and spiritual body 

  • Connect to your vital life force and open your channel for creativity and flow

  • Invite your emotional intelligence to come online- and your nervous system to unwind 

  • Access more slowness, stillness and being the witness of your experience and thoughts

  • Release stuck thought patterns, body tension and celebrate the bigger picture of your life as a whole 

  • Inhabit your body temple vessel more fully through movement, emotion and breath 

  • Connect to more joy and love

The Importance of Integration 

It is vital to remember that integration is an ongoing process that never ends. Just like insights received in everyday life, it requires dedication for those insights to transfer into your reality... to make lasting changes and shifts in your life. 


I am inspired to work with you if you are already on a growth path and ready to take your healing to the next level of co-creation and response-ability. 

I am inspired to work with you if you are 100% committed to 

integrating the wisdom received in your deep-dive journey. 


Progress can be hard to see when you are close to it, therefore I am committed to reflecting and reminding you of all that you becoming.


I know from experience that the integration process is vital for making sense of the content received in journey space. And learning how to tend our emotional, somatic, mental and spiritual experience in real time is part of the integration. 


This is the work I wish to help you integrate, to help amplify your intuitive abilities to be in deeper relationship to your spirit, emotions and creative juice - allowing more presence to this miracle we call life.

Schedule a free introductory call with me and lets see if we are a fit for working together.

"In the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People would emerge. They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps would take them to the elders, who they would ask to guide them on their journey.


If the New People remain strong in their quest, the sacred drum will again sound its voice. There will be an awakening of the people, and the sacred fire will again be lit. At this time, the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One road is the road of greed and technology without wisdom or respect for life. This road represents a rush to destruction. The other road is spirituality, a slower path that includes respect for all living things.


If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth." 


Circle of All Nations Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe, From Ancient Wampum Belt 

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