This calendar/tracker is an invitation to

Artfully Live Your Blood Moon Cycle 


It is designed with the intention to act as a container for seeing your own unique patterns within your cycle. 


The 4 seasons system I describe in the beginning is based on a 28-day menstruation cycle, 4 weeks for each cycle. In no way is this the regular time-line. We all have varying degrees to our cycle lengths and that varies based on multiple factors over time. There is no right way to bleed. There is only your attunement to yourself through a lens that is fostering loving awareness to the changing tides and cycles.


The idea is to track over time your patterns and help shift your habbits, the way you schedule your life, and support your journey of compassion and acceptance of your ever changing phases/attributes/emotions. 


The tracker itself has sections for tracking the 'Season and Archetype' as well as... 

  • Self care
  • Priorities
  • Gratitude ~ Prayers ~ Intentions
  • Energy levels 
  • Emotionality 


Over time after using this tracker, I hope that looking back you may be able to predict, understand and create your life more efficiently, lovingly, holistically and artfully.


*** There seems to be one confusing point in the print for some people that I'd like to clarify. The 4 seasons are the energetic seasonality we cycle through each month. You can be in week 3 (‘summer’ ovulation phase) and it can mid Dec. So when it says season in the tracker that is the season your blood cycle not the season of year. Hope this clears that up.


In essence there are descriptions for each of the 4 weeks of the menstrual cycle and a break down into seasons, archetypes, keywords and phrases.


In the begining of the book you'll find an overveiw of each phase, which has suggestions for... 

  • Embodiment 
  • Activities
  • Suggested foods
  • Pitfalls, shadows, traps 
  • Boundaries, needs, desires


My prayer and vision is for every woman to be empowered in mind, body, spirit, and heart through this process that births life.  I believe that when we wake up in our bodies to this cycle and the importance of living life according to our cyclical timeline, eventually there will be societal structures (around this way of viewing time/experience) that we and others create to support a more connected and easeful life. I also believe that the idea that men will never understand women and our blood time is an old outdated idea that hasn't always been the truth. Let's bring transparency and ownership of this process that impacts ALL. Let's rise together in divine-earth-intelligence and know ourselves wholly and completely.


I encourage you to create a physical altar dedicated to your moon cycle to anchor your intention to connect with this potent wisdom being circulated each month. I love to buy red, fresh roses during my spring /summer phase, and then watch them change as a symbolic and physical reflection of what is happening inside my body. I gather different archetypal reflections to amplify the particular stage of the moon cycle I am in. Also, I write prayers and offerings to help anchor my needs, desires, hopes, dreams, and goals. Being SPECIFIC is encouraged!


The descriptions I am offering within the 4 different phases of a cycle are based on my own experience, extensive reading and channeled wisdom.


And you may have a completely different experience of yourself and cycle at that time. Take what resonates leave what doesn't, and enjoy tracking your own process!


Many blessings on your sacred path dear one,

In Gratitude to LIFE, 


Cyclical Nature Calendar and Tracker

  • Printed locally on 100% recycled paper

    Cover artwork by Eve Oak

    Made with Love