Actor, Creatrix, Witch 

I thought of myself as someone who was somewhat in touch with my cycle. Yet, I wasn’t fully aware of how my lack of relationship to different parts of my cycle were effecting my mood. Basically, “you don’t know what you don’t know”! Since going deeper into these “blood ways” my attitude and embodiment has changed from feeling disconnected to welcoming myself more FULLY, not just in my cycle, but in life. I now know they are not separate!


Eve opened up an entire world to me of how to track and accept the subtle and not-so-subtle changes surrounding menstruation. I often experienced feeling weak, a kind of less-than mentality, and I was suffering. 


I realized through our work that self-care has to come first and foremost in my life. This single point of personal power is what shifted everything else into place. Eve taught me how to truly be in connection with what self-care looks like during fluctuating times. Once I implemented her teachings, so much of my victim story, which I had been harboring for years, simply fell away. I’m now aware that when I am not checking in with myself and coming back to this set point, I can easily slip back into the “victim triangle”, which is a core teaching of what Eve offers. 

Eve exudes compassion and understanding. She created a beautifully safe space that allowed me to be who I am and to go through what I needed to go through. She brings functional knowledge as well as sustainable practices and implementation in a grounded and nourishing space. This amazing process has taught me to be more vocal about what I'm going through with my partner, which is huge! I am now better at communicating my needs with my husband and he is so receptive and understanding.


My knowledge of the archetypes that emerge during our cycle was pretty much non-existent. Eve taught me so much! I can’t express enough how real these archetypes are for me now and how much sense it makes when I apply them to my own life! When I’m in my pre-menstrual phase and ‘the priestess” and “wild woman” show up, I'm able to graciously welcome and make space for them, which allows me to remain more grounded throughout my blood time.


I used to struggle greatly and was very hard on myself, during certain phases. I’ve changed so much, since coming to this wisdom that Eve brought to me. When the ‘monk’ archetype arrives, I now allow myself permission to rest and relax. Before learning about these archetypes, I would tell myself “oh, you're being lazy”. Now, my self-talk has shifted to “I’m going to give myself what I really need”.


Deconstructing and clearing away the built-up societal expectations and conditioned thoughts is what this work is about… acknowledging thoughts of “how I am supposed to be” has allowed me to view myself in an infinitely more loving way.


I am awakening to myself as a woman and I’m in such celebration of being a woman! It truly is such a gift. We are magical creatures with the ability to truly, consciously re-create ourselves each month. Eve has taught me how to welcome this embodied power, realize how perfect our female systems are, and how they support our spiritual evolution.


Eve, thank you for changing my life in so many beautiful ways and giving me the personal tools to succeed! WOW!


Ellice Boone

Photographer, Hummingbird, Mother


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My life was good before I starting working with Eve, I have a husband a child and things were relatively happy. But I felt this pull to toward self discovery and healing work. At times I felt empty and lost. I often felt disconnected from my daughter, my husband, friends, even myself. I was craving a life that would give me a sense of true fulfillment and joy. I wanted to be more present with my family and become a more authentic version of myself... but I didn’t know how to achieve those things or even where to start.


Each session with Eve has been very unique. Some have allowed me the space to just cry and release pain from past wounds so that I could truly heal. Others have felt very productive and rejuvenating. She consistently holds space for me and gives me the support, empowerment, or clarity I need to move forward on my path. At times she just helps me identify what my path truly is. After every session one thing is always the same and that is how I feel... At peace, grounded and centered. I am more connected to myself, I have a deeper sense of calm and peace and I feel like I am more aligned with my true path in life.  

It's difficult to find the words to articulate all that I have gained from my sessions with Eve. There are so many things in my life that have been touched by her wisdom, support and and healing presence. She has given me tools to find my center when I am spinning out in my mind or going through something that feels heavier than I can carry. She has reflected my actions and words back to me in a way that helps me understand the root of different issues and then helped guide me back to my intuition to resolve or work through whatever blocks I’ve had. She has modeled a compassionate loving sister, mother and friend. She has given me someone to be held accountable to, so I can reach certain goals that I kept pushing aside year after year. She has gently pushed me toward my own self care which as a working mother, and wife seems to be the thing that I always chose to sacrifice. 

Eve has a way of listening to more than the words I am speaking. She is so in tune with the minute changes in my voice that even over the phone she can sense when something is not really true for me or when its time to ask those penetrating questions to help me dive deeper into my true feelings or thoughts. I am convinced she has psychic powers sometimes! She has truly mastered through knowledge and practice the rare gift of deep healing. ​

I absolutely recommend Eve’s sessions and ceremonies to anyone I love. I believe that everyone would benefit from this work, and her skills. After all I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need a little magic and healing in their lives!"


Marissa Crisafulli 

 Actor, Co-producer in TV & Film

For most of my adult life my I felt confused and absolutely helpless when it came to my pre-menstrual phase… this #1 issue has seemingly wrecked so much havoc in my personal/professional relationships because I didn’t know how to be with all that was arising. Through working with Eve and her encouragement that IT IS OK to change and be multifaceted I have shed layers of ways that I was operating from that kept me trying to be the same and consistent… through our deep work of engaging with the archetypes I have connected with my inner wild women, which before was totally absent. Eve helped me see where I was not identifying with my WW as me and keeping her as someone that was outside of me that I didn’t want to look at. Since this realization I have had a complete turn around and am now embracing her like never before, I'm now in the process of honoring and welcoming her gifts and what she has to say. The practical results of this show up as way less menstrual cramping and pain, more emotional capacity in my life and more awareness, compassion and self care around this phase, I no longer fight the change, I embrace her AND most importantly I have learned that I do not ‘have to’ fix things when I’m in my premenstrual phase. I’ve leaned to take note of what’s showing up and tend these ‘issues’ later. This single point of permission and practice has shifted huge amounts of drama, angst and chaos for me.   


My social scheduling ways have changed as well. I’m giving myself permission to say no when I see I’ll be in my pre menstrual. As a people pleaser and someone who wants to show up this has typically been hard. I am just so much more aware of the patterns around commitment and different phases. I just don’t want to put myself into situations that don’t coordinate with my best interest anymore. Where as before I didn’t really see the connection.

On another note working with Eve has helped me gain access to a whole new level of embodied emotional energetic awareness ~ We were able to track and feel some blockages in my body and use tools for freeing up this energy. I am now working to see the deeper layers of this. It's really cool to feel my growth around my sensitivity to energy. That's new for me. It’s really exciting to come into life skills and the ability to understand my system in a way that I didn't before.


Eve has so much wisdom and intuition, she is so in tune with the earth and her own body, I received the benefits of her strong relationship to energy and archetypes and music, learning with her is such a unique experience, from the storytelling to the individual tailored processes she lead me though, I feel so blessed to have up leveled my life as a result of our work.