‘Self Love Portal’

For 2 years my spirit has whispered for me to be focused on ME, without being intertwined with anyone’s energy in my womb space, to not date anyone and allow for intimacy with myself. And it's taken me until now to answer the call- And actually feel ready to say yes to the invitation. It has been a messy-beautiful and wild road arriving here... It was challenging given the fact that I was in relationship with someone I truly love. Untangling has been a delicate process close to my heart. And its been temping to jump right back into relating (which has been the pattern). The truth is, I value and gain so much from being in intimate romantic connections, however- what I have learned is that there is no substitute for alignment. And this portal I am entering feels like a date with destiny.

Following the call is not always easy, but always rewarding and lately I’ve been showered with affirmation and encouragement that this container I’ve entered into is perfect timing for all that is wanting to heal and birth in my life-life has been waiting for me to surrender to this gift. All my past prayers and future desires are being woven in this time. I am eternally grateful to all my spirt guides, ancestors and loved ones for your love and reflection in my life. Wildly grateful to be radiating a full YES!

So.... thank you, for witnessing me as I share and declare my prayers and intentions for a 6 month celibacy container I am calling the ‘Self Love Portal’ & ‘Water and Energetic Cleanse’. Which started on the New Moon July 2nd – and ends on the New Moon Dec 26th, and may continue longer.

Here are my intentions and prayers >>>

✨ Deepening my consistent pleasure practice. Learning to connect inside for sexual-sensually ecstasy. Sensually loving my mind, body and spirit.

✨ Create safety and trust in my nervous system around worth and value to self-resource and be able to be with stories and trauma arising and deeply hold, love and nurture myself. Clearing past lovers and energies hanging around in my womb-space.

💫 To witness more clearly my patterns of relating sensually - How am I being with my flirtatious-sensual energy, what is my motive? Is it enjoyment, curiosity, or validation? Being able to clearly see what serves and what doesn’t and move in the direction of deeper alignment.

💫 Receive and prepare for deeper partnership, aligning with what I truly want, allowing a clear crystalline vision to be received and held.

💫 Clarity~ Focus~ Vision~ deepening my offerings. Birthing the me that is committed to thriving within my business - receiving money energy doing what I love and spreading goodness and truth. Busting my own glass ceiling of how good I think life can be.

💫 Understanding that not being in a relationship frees up some time and energy… devotion to music and art+ committing to becoming more informed on a daily basis specifically reading books and articles -educating myself further on the topics I am interested in. Archetypes, mystics, poets, myth/folk lore, blood ways, hormonal info, ritual, ceremony, and neuroscience of psychedelics.

💫 Create strong and deep bonds without needing to make-out, learning how to hold back my sexual energy- using discernment and caution, be in the curiosity, instead of story and projection. Also playing with subtlety and nuances. Inviting in play and exploration of sensuality.

💫 Prioritizing relationships with beloveds that are strong, vital and for the long haul. Specifically deepening with my sisters.

And so it is!

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