‘Ignite the Feminine Body Temple’

I am preparing to give a workshop at SoulPlay called ‘Ignite the Feminine Body Temple’ with my friend Leslie Grace. ✨And I’ve been reflecting on my own journey and evolution of touch, sensuality, intimacy within the movement/dance container. Feeling the mirror of the feminine reflected in women- how nourishing, how edgy and how magnetic the desire is to be close, to witness and be witnessed. And musing on all that arises within this literal and figurative ‘dance’.

✨Touch, closeness, and play have not always been easy to navigate, the curiosity, however, has been strong, a kind of yearning to understand and find out what all this pent up energy was about.

✨For me, it’s been archetypal and familial, both the desire to give maternal love and also childlike to receive maternal love, touch, and attention. I’ve felt the wise-fierce priestess, powerful capable & magical parts of me desiring to witness and be witnessed and the taboo of sexual attraction and expression nervously, awkwardly and naturally desiring to come out... feeling the centuries of social/religious/cultural conditioning of not being free to express.

✨But underneath all these roles, stories and narratives is a desire to be human to feel my own sensuality and have that be mirrored in a fun, free and attuned way.

✨My process in the last 3 years has been about breaking down and reprograming the conditioning of mainstream dominate culture that fetishized women sharing sensual/ sexual energy. This programming I notice is the ego experiencing the interaction, but from outside myself; viewing it as hot or sexy, etc. Revealing the long programmed distortion that somehow my sexuality and sensuality is for someone else's pleasure.

✨My practice is to be connected deep within my breath and allowing my body to be receptive to energy waves, heart expansiveness and the organic flow of movement and pleasure. The more I make this my practice the programming falls away; replaced with the capacity to feel more pleasure/presence-connection without story or objectification onto myself or the other.

✨It is a visceral embodied moment and a claimed choice to connect intimately with women as my sacred mirror.

✨Consent is key, whenever there seems to be a pull towards closeness with a new dance partner I always ask, is this ok? And I'll even ask again, are you sure? Over the last few year's I've had many of female friend's comment and say they love dancing with me because they don’t find they can express in this way with many other dancers. I sometimes find dancers who are able to be in a flow together in a way that our hips can touch and spiral. A kind of openness, listening & presence. The alignment to connect is there. I also find the opposite is true that some people avoid this closeness or just don't want this. And that's ok too.

✨My deep desire and prayer moving forward for all beings - is P E R M I S S I O N.

Permission to be free.

💫If you are coming to soulplay come dance with me:)