Giving Our Blood Back to Her...

I recently purchased thinx panties which makes it super easy for me to work with giving my blood back to this earth. In the past that has been a challenge mostly because where can we go to bleed on the earth safely these days? Not to mention that I just feel better with this sustainable option.

Our precious mother earth has experienced so much blood on her body from war culture, that to consciously give blood from our creation wombs with intention and prayer is so deeply healing on so many levels. I work with a beautiful flower vase and squeeze the panties into water then sing to the water and earth as I poor out the vessel on Mama Gia. The process takes 5 min and is one of the most cherished rituals that is easily accessible at this time when many of us are living so close together in metropolitan areas.

Every day of this blood cycle (I’m on day 3) has been magical, and deep. I am amazed at the deep ways and complex nature of reality and sometimes overwhelmed by the backlog we get to sort through in this time of great love and awakening. It’s hard to articulate the amount of magic, depth, grief and synchronicity and deep healing threads that are being woven for us and me! I am really being asked to take a look at the shadow aspects of the masculine that is manifested within me through my fathers line and I know part of that healing is working with all the aligned and divine aspects also. There has been an integration of working with the ally’s and tools that have recently been weaving their magic in my life, such as shamanic trance drum journey work and calling upon an ancestor who comes to me in eagle form… I’ve also been journeying to receive counsel with my crone queen, who when I came to her 2 nights ago with a pile to sort through and some deep righteous rage and asked 'how do I even begin to work through this?' We sat in stillness for a long time as she said “make ART” flatly and deliberately.

The tools are here, I am so grateful beyond words.

What tools you are using to aid you in healing and being your most empowered self?

What ways do you work with your blood or what ways do you desire to work in the future with your sacred blood?

I am holding this vision and prayer with you.


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