There is so much noise that tells us how we ‘should' be in relation to menstruation.

Messages that tell us the menstrual cycle is inconvenient and that it is a setback to our productivity. Expectations that tell us we should be consistent and reliable ALL the time. Thoughts that treat bleeding as an aliment/sickness (which for some people there are real issues going on). Conditions that spread a message that this 'time of the month' makes women overly emotional- unstable and unreliable. Thoughts that say push through, ignore, take pain medication and numb out. Ways of thinking that still cause us to hide - to not communicate in real time what is happening. Messages of shame that tell us that this part of us makes us less capable and therefor less valuable. All of the above result in a fracture in our psyche ~ a place that causes us knowingly or unknowingly to desert a vital part of ourselves.

This denial is not only a setback for women but all of society... When a women is honored in their menstrual experience and the cycle is seen as a spiritual practice…. All of life benefits...

Making this shift calls for us all, men and women to wake up and take responsibility for this sacred and beautiful part of life, to welcome it and embrace it by making room in our psyche, culture, schedule, systems, and ideology.

We must make this SHIFT!!!

Do you feel comfortable sharing that your cycle is approaching? Or do you hide it and not share it in social/professional settings? Are you a person who feels uncomfortable when the subject of menstruation is brought up? Thinking, well that was just too much information? Or oh wow… they’re getting all personal...

Guess what… it is personal~ its where we all come from! Half the population on the planet has or will experience this for 35-40 years of their lives, and that’s a lot of experience!

I find that even as a mindful person I know these programs and I still get tripped up by them because even if we know these mistruths, until we step out and really take a look at these conditions and create a new way, they will continue.

The dominate culture structure runs on a 24hr cycle rhythm and causes a lot of fear a scarcity. The biological women’s cycle is a monthly rhythm. I know as a women that trying to keep up with a daily cycle is exhausting and creates a lot of fear a scarcity in my life. Truly switching and living according to the monthly cycle is LIFE CHANGING.