Harmony and Heightened Creativity in Your Pre-menstrual Phase

The pre-menstrual phase is the 'Priestess, Wild Woman and Monk archetype.

Connecting with these energies takes intention and focus just like anything else, what I’ve been noticing is that it is really natural during this phase to meet these parts of myself if I create the space for them to arrive.

(Throughout this entry I am speaking in ‘our’ and ‘we’ I invite you to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.)

When there is space and time made for this phase, creativity can blossom, deep embodiment can flow, restoration of feeling our own flow from time alone can be received. When we don’t create unrealistic expectations about social engagements, family obligations, extending too much emotional labor for other people, or deadlines that stress us out there is space for something else to arise in its place… When left to our own devices to create, feel and flow, our channels open and express.

When we can be curious and open to the negativity and angst that is expressing itself and see what didn’t work or what didn’t feel right within the month prior we are receiving a gift and map to what wants to shift in our lives and emotional landscape. The key is to stop needing to 'fix it' right away. Sitting in the fire of what beckons us to transform, communicate, sculpt and shape our life further into our personal/collective mandala.

Here’s what’s challenging...

  • It’s hard when we allow others to ask too much of us without putting up boundaries and genuinely checking in with our needs

  • It’s hard when we schedule ourselves out in advance and this week arrives and all of a sudden we are like ‘whoa… I just don't have it in me to do all this, and now I feel bad to cancel all these plans’

  • It’s hard when we are really moody, and our and partner wants to be all lovey, dovey and we haven’t communicated that ‘I am NOT available’ and ‘I need my space right now.’

  • It’s hard when we try to have charged conversations while we feel more agitated than usual because what is arising in our field’s is everything that has gone wrong this last month.

  • It’s hard when we haven’t been eating well and then this week comes along, and all we want to do is eat more sugar, carbs and salt when really we need more greens water and minerals.

  • It’s hard when the energy of this phase requires more rest and either we have a lot going on, or we resist resting because of stress about to much to do or finances or an idea that we are being lazy or unproductive and need to get on with it.

And here’s what helps the premenstrual phase flow more ease-fully…

  • This season and phase flows well when we are ready and preparing for it by not scheduling so much that has to do with other people.

  • This phase flows well when we allow ourselves to REST as long as we need, when we prioritize rest and reap the benefits of heightened creativity afterward.

  • This phase flows well when we notice the energetic fire arising and we play with it, move with it, dance and circulate it. Free it!!!

  • This phase flows well when we create and communicate our needs and boundaries beforehand.

  • This phase flows well when we are ready and waiting for the switch from post ovulation into premenstrual and we remember to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves when we are not as energized as we were last week… when we embrace the change and move with it.

  • This phase flows well when we notice we are in fear and scarcity and choose to affirm that ‘there is enough time, life is flowing in precisely the right way, I am exactly where and who I am meant to be in my growth path.’

  • This phase flows well when we work with our alters, speak our prayers aloud, and dance like no one is watching

  • This phase flows well when we embrace the wild women and let sounds flow out no matter what they sound like, when we let ourselves move in wild ways and release energies that want to be shaken off.

  • This phase flows well when we allow ourselves to stay more attuned to self-care and when we eat on time and drink enough water.

  • This phase flows well when we prioritize movement and embodiment and stay away from foods, people, conversations, and media that bring us down.

In DEEP prayer that every wom(b)an receive the gift and beauty of this phase and deepen in its ever unfolding beauty and perfection.🔻🔺🔻

🌹Blessed BE🌹