Self Care Retreats 

Create Space and Time to Unwind and Remember
Your Innate Wellbeing and Peace

This is an invitation to receive a restful wakeful kind of joy

Stimulated by Pleasure and Simplicity by taking care of your One True Wealth

Your Health 

I beleive that on a very deep level rest and rejuvenation is what your body, mind and heart are truly craving in the fast paced outward minded culture we live in. 

​Creating a custom personal retreat with me
is an invitation into inner satisfaction and deep nourishment.
 Imagine allowing yourself space to just BE
Simultaneously integrating foundational self care practices
Seeding new habits to carry you forth into your life
 Receiving guidance and counsel as you move through your process.
What space would open up in your life?
How would slowing down impact your health and vitality,
your joy and meaning of life? 

Retreats Can include

  • Whole Body cleansing

  • Juice Cleansing

  • Private Yoga 

  • Massage therapy

  • Creative Art Projects

  • Beauty Rituals

  • Tea Ceremony 

  • Medicine Journey Work

  • Embodied Spiritual Counsel 

  • Movement and Dance

  • Nature Adventures

  • Guided Meditations

  • Meditation Walks

  • Healthy Meals

Offering personalized retreats is an exciting culmination of so many gifts that I am honored to share. I've traveled extensively and aquired how to do it well! My training and knowledge of self care, massage, cleansing, ritual, food, art and the power of nature all come into orchestration in these immersive healing experiences. 


Each custom retreat is created with the understanding of what your core values are, and what your heart is most desiring from a retreat such as this. This way I can best currate an experience that will support your intentions. Together we design an optimal location. I lead one day retreats as well as week long retreats.