From Caffeine to Cacao 

A 30 day journey to discover your ritual 

Experience the shift and benefits of reducing caffeine and entering the daily ritual heart medicine of cacao with a guided and held container to support your journey. 


Cyclical Nature Initiation 

Blood Ways for the 21st century 

A 4 month container designed to...

  • Embody Archetypal awareness within all phases of your blood cycle 


  • Tap you into your center and boost your self care, creativity, pleasure medicine and spiritual awakening


Womb Witch Mastermind 

Spring-Winter 2020

11 month Cauldron

Open source womb remembering and creatrix soul support centered around the cycles of the moon. 

Ink, paint, abstract. Closeup of the pai

The Modern Sensualist *PODCAST* 

Musings & Interviews of masculine feminine embodied mastery.