Nurturing the Feminine


(for men)

A weekend immersion receiving the transmission and teachings of tantra to

nurture your inner landscape and experience greater harmony in all areas of life. 

Let me ask you a deep question, 

What do you value beyond time and money? 

Does your life reflect this?


Really take a look and see if it does. 

In my work with men I often find they have many ‘values’ but often their lives don’t reflect the embodiment of these beautiful intentions. Our culture quite often distorts our ideas of success, therefore defining our day to day priorities.

In this weekend together, you’ll be invited to cleanse your mind, let go of stress and return to a way of being in the present moment, in touch with your desire and pleasure.


Along with this reset, we’ll be using ancient tools and techniques that are calming as well as visionary, as you stimulate your creativity and bring yourself into the present moment to enjoy what’s here and now.

Are you ready to journey into the hot springs together?

The “quick fix” vs true nourishment

Do you find that your work life is at the center of your priorities, and often leaves you feeling a little unbalanced? 

Do you feel the call to slow down and deepen 

into self care but don’t know how to give yourself permission? 

Do you find that when you do slow down to recuperate,

it’s often to just keep going with all your non-stop responsibilities? 

I can empathize with the need for quick-fix “solutions” such as getting a quick massage or doing that quick workout before hitting a full day of work. Or the weekend quick-fix where you blow off steam at a show, meet friends for drinks or binge on netflix while barely leaving the house. 


The western culture thrives, lives and breathes on quick fixes, the pit stop that keeps us going. A culture of go-go-go that defines success based solely on our external accomplishments. 


The concept of ‘time’ tells us that life never really stops, yet we all sense another dimension beyond our busy lifestyles.


So what does true nourishment look like in the face the ‘quick fix’?


This immersion is an invitation to examine your beliefs around what is possible when you immerse yourself in simplicity. What is possible when you listen to the self that has been whispering for this desire for spaciousness... all along.

Immersion in the Feminine 

Your inner most precious resources and whisperings

await you in the stillness of your body, mind and heart.


Will you choose to ‘Immerse yourself in The Feminine’?

I know from experience that slowing down can often bring the floodgates of what has been waiting to be 

seen, held, felt and healed. 


There can be fear of all that is waiting under the hood, and on a subconscious and conscious level we fear being taken by the immensity that is our emotions, trauma, stories, boredom, belief systems, etc. 


Many of our mechanisms for avoiding slowing down include staying focused on our external reality. And in dominant mainstream culture, we are rewarded by staying busy… but what if focusing on your internal reality was actually a resource for fueling what you are creating externally?  


What if tuning in internally made life more easy to navigate, create and problem solve?  


Enter the Feminine ways! I believe that we are most in service to ourselves and our world when our ideas are streaming from a full cup. But what that means for each of us is different, and being on the road to receiving how you fill your cup is ‘The Journey’ to be on!  

I am Your Spiritual Muse 


And I am calling you to disrupt your current flow and turn toward your spiritual path. 

This is your PERMISSION to slow down and enter the mystery of what awaits you when you do.

​My practice is to create a safe, nurturing space for you to return to your highest self, and experience deep connection within. The tantric coaching I offer is an experience in embodied nourishment and an exploration of your senses and capacity to open and explore your full range of energetic receptivity. Through creating a strong container for vulnerability and clear communication, I hope to facilitate the rekindling of intimacy within you, and lay new foundations for ease in your body/mind/soul.

Outside of  Time and Space

We Enter Our Container

There is nowhere and everywhere that we are going simultaneously! 

Over the course of 3 days we will journey into the heart of the unknown, while every journey looks different and is catered to your individual needs, below is an example of what our flow can look like. 


Day 1

  • Arriving and setting the container ~ cleansing and discharging ~ entering no-time 

  • Water circuits (hot-cold, sauna)

  • Guided yoga, breath-work and embodiment 


Day 2

  • Guided yoga, breath-work and embodiment 

  • Visionary practices - writing and breaking down belief systems 

  • Dialogues and discussions that reveal and unwind 

  • bodywork session 

  • Water circuits (hot-cold, sauna)


Day 3

  • Water circuits (hot-cold, sauna)

  • Art and expressive games

  • Walking meditations

  • Closing and integration (next steps moving forward)

If you’re ready to take the next step on your path, I invite you to click the link below and schedule a complimentary video call with me.

Starting cost for this all-inclusive immersion is $3,500