'Ignite Your Body Temple' 

~ Daylong Retreat for the Feminine ~
Facilitated by Eve Oak & Leslie Grace 
* Next Ignite Event TBA! * 

Welcome to the Cauldron ~ where we shall make M A G I C for the day!

Bring yourself alive through this workshop, fill your cup of feminine energy and vitality so you can overflow to everyone around you.

THIS is your chance to spend a luxurious day cultivating your feminine mojo, juicing up your self-care, and celebrating in the sparkling joy that happens when we come together!!

To enter into ceremony together, we shall be receiving the sacred heart medicine of C A C A O to help ground and guide our journey of igniting our bodies and souls.

Now is the perfect time to N O U R I S H yourself with this day of sweetness & connection, self-discovery, and playful expression!


In this blessed day of Sacred Sisterhood shenanigans, we will be sharing in sacred sound, dance, massage, breathwork and ritual.

♡ Cacao Ceremony
♡ Song Sharing
♡ Sensual Movement Experience
♡ Sacred Triad Massage Portals
♡ Breathwork Journey
♡ Dyad work around consensual non-sexual touch

Awaken your body, your breath, your voice, and your T R U T H. Celebrate and enliven your feminine essence!

We will also be sharing in a women's wisdom counsel speaking to the areas of:
* Sexual sovereignty and expanding your range of expression
* Bridging polarities within ourselves
* Healing old wounds, blockages, shame, and limiting beliefs
* Sacred self-pleasuring, self-love, and movement practices to honor your body temple
* Communicating our Boundaries, Needs, & Desires: how we express them and how we don’t. Learn to check in with yourself and communicate in loving, clear and direct ways to get more of what you WANT in this life. :)

Come fan the F L A M E of your fullness!! Spiraling into divine connection with your Source center, and celebrating the unique expression that you are.

Allow yourself to reveal the glorious being you are and to be renewed, held, seen, loved and supported in sisterhood.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Find out more about Leslie's work at www.ritualtantra.com