Personal Guided Journey

Are you wanting to mark a specific transition in your life with a personal ritual/ceremony? 


Are you wanting to experience more love and connection on a regular basis? 

Are you at a crossroads in your relationship(s)

romantic and otherwise and seeking guidance?

Are you wanting to experience more connection with your true purpose and desires and gain access to a new understanding of Self Love consistently?  

Are you seeking a clearing and/or healing by communing with a greater intelligence? 

The times we are living in call us to wake up ~ to do our energetic clearing work ~ to clear our fields ~ to love ourselves ~ and to be in integrity with the natural world. How do we do this when so much of the world and our culture reflects separation and a value system that prioritizes money over life? 


At this time without the support of close knit community based in culture that supports life and wholistic thinking, a culture that reflects our true nature of love, interdependence with the natural world and abundance we can get stuck in feeling disconnected isolated and shut down ~ with life still happening ~ relationships and jobs and work still causing stress and the illusion of time ticking away.


During this time it is crucial that we connect to the truth of who and what we are.


Medicine spirits and ceremony/rituals given and upheld over many thousands of years from indigenous people have created a way for us to remember our true selfs connected to our ancestors and all our relations.   

~  Release what no longer serves you to be at peace within yourself 


~ ​Grieve what you've been carrying in your emotional, mental and spiritual body 

~ Release the blocks to seeing and celebrating the bigger picture of your life as a whole, complete and interwoven circuit


~ ​Experience unconditional love, compassion and ancient wisdom guiding you to pathways that hold forward momentum and healing

~ ​Embrace cultural wounds with parts of yourself that haven’t had a voice or space to be heard, seen and loved up until now. 

~  Open yourself to the life force receptivity that your body vessel is always circulating with your breath and with life all around you, consistently


~ Invite your emotional intelligence to come online- and your nervous system to unwind ~  your perceptions shift into what reality is like now and can be like in the future now. 

Stepping into

Guided Journey Space

I use a similar format for each Journey,

such as an initial intention session and a post integration session. This format is designed to facilitate a holistic and supportive experience for after care while harvesting the fruits from the journey. 

For more information on specific details please contact me for further discussion.