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Somatic Mindfulness Counseling     

Using a wide range of somatic tools we explore your current challenges, needs, desires, past hurts, visions, and intuitions. Engaging your process of healing and becoming. 

Image by Daniel Sinoca

The truth and need to to be listening to our bodies now more than ever is vitally important. Taking the necessary journey from our head to our heart and hara (our power center, located just below the navel). 


So how do we meet our discomfort and innate knowing in a pleasurable and welcoming way? Because our discomfort and inner resources have so much to share with us.


In fact our modern world is constantly hooking us into disembodiment, distraction and overwhelm and most of the time we don’t even know it. 

Together we will create support structures and self-care practices. We will deepen your understanding of your internal experience and eventually strengthen what works for you and allow more love and compassion for what doesn’t. 

The approach I use in session with you... 

  • Deep listening, mirroring and reflection

  • Guided imagery

  • Breath-work and movement 

  • Guided meditations 

  • Greif tending

  • Encouraging land and nature connection

  • Rituals to mark a specific transition in your life

  • Tracking your process through curiosity and accountability

  • Identifying missing experiences

  • Development of new resources and capacities to be with challenges and new horizons

  • Clarifying boundaries, needs and desires for your life, career/business and relationships 


Areas of experience 

  • Loss of a loved one and the grief process

  • Spiritual emergence or ‘spiritual emergency’

  • Open relationships 

  • Moving through sexual shame and guilt

  • Blood cycle awareness and archetypal integration

  • Womb clearing and activation 

  • Getting to the root of habits 

  • Getting to the root of body tension 

  • Ancestral trauma 

To deepen our work together I offer packages of 4 sessions to allow ample time for transformation (as apposed to one session at a time.

Please enquire with to discuss my sliding scale pricing options. 

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