From Caffeine to Cacao 

A  journey to discover your ritual 

What might be possible if you began to fuel your body, mind and spirit in a new way? 

Where caffeine works on your nervous system, often resulting in a tired/wired cycle, cacao works on your cardiovascular system, encouraging physical movement and deeper heart connection.


When working with cacao in ritual/ceremony and the magic of your intention, curiosity and gratitude, life enhances, connection with your higher self expands and creativity soars. 


I am deeply honored and grateful to share this offering with you. Perhaps you want to transition away from caffeine completely or significantly reduce your consumption and step into a ritual that is aligned and supportive to your life. 

The caffeine/coffee cycle and its impact


Let’s be real, who doesn't love the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning? 


And let's be real, we don’t always want to talk about the deeper impact it has in our lives. How it impacts our adrenals, hydration, sleep patterns, and our metabolism. Often our appetite becomes suppressed, which inhibits us to connect to the true nourishment our body needs. 


And lets be real, it’s super fucking socially acceptable! 


We are living in a constant state of ‘doing’. With so much emphasis on getting results in the external world. “Productivity” is of the highest importance. We are often pushing ourselves beyond our bodies limits. Sacrificing the mind/body/spirit connection. At least for the moment- to keep going.


The result? Burn out, disconnection, dependency and addiction. 

​What’s possible with Cacao Ritual?

You may intuitively know something is available for you that is different. I believe with my whole heart that we want to slow down but don't feel like we can. We often (across many areas of our lives) keep getting the same insight that we want to change, but we don't actually know how until we claim our desire and get the necessary support needed to shift us into a new reality of what’s possible. 


When we stop going to what we've always gone to to get certain results, we open ourselves up to a myriad / plethora of plant allies and embodiment tools that allow a deeper connection and ability to listen to our internal guidance system.

When working with cacao, it fuels our ability to stay focused, tuning us into our bodies and hearts in a holistic way.


When we intentionally sit with a substance, it exponentially increases its capacity to create our realities, opening a doorway of communication between ourselves and the plant spirit world. 

 Benefits of drinking cacao in ritual:

  • Connect with your inner guidance deliberately and often
  • ​​Receive the gift of gratitude- AMPLIFY everything that’s going right in your life, what you appreciate appreciates! 
  • Connect with your body's innate intelligence through customized embodiment practices 

  • Learn to make decisions from your heart rather than from your head

  • Receive healing and insight to your questions, inquiries and grievances

Just like any other transition, there is going to be a 

potentially uncomfortable period of time as you break the cycle with caffeine. 


That familiar comfort, along with that “go-to fix” and rush of energy that comes from drinking caffeine isn't there. 


Creating a relationship with the body that is fine tuned, receptive to its needs and intuitions gives you the long-term clarity and connection you’re seeking, versus the short-term productive hit that continues to have you trapped in the tired/wired cycle. 


The invitation is to learn to work with your body, instead of controlling it and pushing it to do what the mind wants it to do.


Instead of controlling the body, you begin to develop a relationship with the mind, body and spirit. Your body begins to run the show vs the mind addictively controlling you.

The Commitment and Shift 

When we let go of something we are being open to the mystery. You may not know entirely why you feel guided to make a shift but you will, once you take that step. 


In making this shift, you are making a deep commitment to yourself.


A commitment to...

  1. Show up for yourself on a daily basis and be in inquiry with that internal saboteur that wants that quick fix

  2. Receive support and not strong-arm your way through yet another thing in isolation

  3. Truly listen to your body as you create a new reality emanating from your heart 

Are you in? 

The container and offer

This is a 30 day container to delve into creating a custom ritual based on your personal needs, while receiving support, accountability and guidance from me as you make the transition from caffeine to cacao. 


Over the course of the month, you’ll receive 4 highly customized cacao rituals that will anchor you into a new mindset and give you the tools and motivation you need to make this powerful switch in your life. 


While the idea of coming off caffeine doesn’t sound like fun, this container is meant to spark your creativity and connect you to the fun, engaging plant spirit of Cacao! 

Your Cacao Ritual Starter Kit includes everything you need to make the transition from caffeine…

  • 1 month supply of cacao of your choice

(options include rose, mushroom, maca) 

  • A travel frother so you can make Cacao anywhere on the go!

  • A copy of my book Cacao Devotee - Ceremony and Ritual Guidebook 

  • Balance and Breathe, essential oils 

  • Herbal night-time tea blend 

  • Beeswax candle 

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