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My intention with offering services as a guide and counselor is to empower you to be in your process of growth; to peel back the veil and decipher what beliefs, stories and patterns may or may not serve your highest truth. To get in touch with the part of you that feels your path, that can sense into your souls path and purpose and to amplify why you are here. I believe at the heart of this path is self love and tending your personal stories to show up for the greater story of this life. 


Together we will engage your struggles, visions, and intuitions, create support structures and self care practices. We will deepen your understanding of your internal experience and eventually strengthen what works for you and allow more love and compassion for what doesn’t. My intention is that the results of our work provide greater access to inner peace, understanding, inner resources and purpose.

I believe that over time the choice to cultivate an intimate relationship with what turns us on, lights us up and rings as deep truth within our beings creates F R E E D O M!


Who doesn't want freedom? 

I also believe that tending the layers of our subconscious in real time, creating deep space for grief and our emotions fosters trust, surrender and the thing we all crave,


Presence, love and connection.  

When you know the content of what it is you are working through, and have tools and resources to receive support on the threads that deeply want to rewire and heal we find ourselves, 


G R O W I N G!

And viscerally feeling our place in the web of life. 


We’ve all dreamed of a fulfilled life… an authentic expression of who we really are. A life where we feel at home in our skin, in loving relationship with ourselves and loved ones and on our purpose. A life where we feel a sense of belonging and community in connection with our environment and in trust of the many threads that are leading us forward. We can aim our arrows of intent in this direction and still feel as if we are missing something. 

I believe that everyone has the natural ability to experience fulfillment, joy, and meaning... to know a deep consistent sense of peace and gratitude, even in the midst of life's uncertainty, pain and turbulence. Having peace, gratitude and joy isn’t something that just happens. It’s a practice and a muscle that wants to be flexed and strengthened. Its a process of seeing our challenges and struggles and understanding how to make space and room for each thread while fostering deep renewal and resource through self care and giving back to our familys and community.   


This doesn't mean that the suffering completely vanishes ~ but our approach can become enjoyable... because we want to love ourselves. It means that we cultivate tools and ways of being that support our challenges and lead us toward deep self support, tools that foster understanding and ultimately lead us again and again to remembering our essence and thriving nature. 

Using a variety of tools, listening and collaboration we engage what you 

The approach I use in session with you... 
  • Creating sacred space

  • Deep listening

  • Emotional Freedom Technique 

  • Guided imagery

  • Breath-work

  • Embodiment Practices

  • Counseling Techniques

    • Re-parenting​

    • Deconstruction work

    • Re-authoring

  • Energetic clearing techniques

  • Bodywork and conscious touch

  • Understanding boundaries, needs and desires

  • Development of new resources and capacities to be with challenges

  • Developing the muscle to experience deep meaning, joy and gratitude

I know you are a... 


powerful creator, capable of magic and deep contribution. 

It is my honor to share what I have learned and assist you in tending and organizing your threads to create a life with more peace, joy, gratitude and purpose.

Because I believe in my heart of hearts that we all need to wake the fuck up ~

It is our turn to grow and begin dreaming a future on earth that is in harmony.

And that harmony starts from the inside out. 

In these current times of great change as so much fear, scarcity and uncertainty floods the wavelengths of many, it is crucial we connect with our bodies, minds and hearts through practices that foster and lay foundations for living in accordance with the interconnectedness of all of life. To be in touch with our essence and listen deeply to our souls calling. 

  • 2 month coaching program 

  • 4 sessions

  • email access 

  • Access to resource Library of tools, audio, and worksheets


  • Soul counsel sessions are 2hrs long

    • With a sliding scale of $175-250

  • Each session in done over the phone unless specified and you live in the Bay Area