Embodied Heart 

A Ceremony for Reclamation in our Breasts


NEXT Gathering TBD 

Co-facilitated with Abigail Hinds of Womb Weaving

Welcome B E L O V E D,


We invite you to an afternoon ceremony designed to heal, clear, re-vitalize and up-level your embodied Breast-Health & Heart-Connection.


If you have been feeling the call to up-level your self care in a very real practical way that truly frees up and re-centers your body, mind and heart please consider giving yourself this LOVE gift!

This afternoon C E R E M O N Y will include...

♡ Partaking in the healing heart sacrament of Mama C A C A O

♡ Counsel of the heart ~ speaking to the reclamation of this culturally disconnected and distorted body part ~ sharing new ways of relating to our chests that are empowering, nourishing and connective.

♡ Teaching on the lymphatic system in the breasts and how these vital rivers flow through our chests, affecting our health and emotional body.

♡ Guided embodied self-breast massage (discovering~ touching with tenderness, presence, curiosity, play ~ moving through pain stagnation and freeing up energy) renewing your personal relationship with this area.

♡ Anointing & Heart/Breast Reclamation Ritual

Be witnessed and seen in your healing as we collectively reweave heal these lost parts. 


Let's be real, our breasts are either sexualized or they are a tool for feeding. Most other times they may be ignored, and projected upon.


From our experience working with women we know that this area can be one of the most tender and under cared for areas of our body.


We hold stagnation, heartbreak, vulnerability, unexpressed emotions and unspoken words in the channels of our breasts. Often resulting in breast pain/tenderness, cysts, emotional stagnation & confusion, holding back truths and blocked throat/voice, trying to get love/attention/ worthiness/validation outside of ourselves.


Reclaiming and tending this area of the body is G O L D !!!!!


It frees up our emotional energy, our V I T A L flow and supports us to walk embodied in our sovereignty, truth and love.


Every moment is an opportunity to go within and deeply connect with ourselves as ‘the one’, to nourish our bodies with care and love that fills our cup from the inside out.


It’s time to reclaim and nurture ourselves in tender spacious love.

Reciprocity for this daylong ceremony is $88

(this covers cost of space, cacao and facilitation)

♡ To reserve your spot


#1 Email transform@templeofyou.com with the subject line "Embodied Heart Ceremony"

(we will be sending a welcome email closer to the date with the address + other important logistics) so please complete this step.

#2 Send reciprocity $88 to @evoke (venmo) 

#3 Add yourself to the FB event page here <3  if you feel called! 


♡ What to bring

~ Journal, pen
~ Object to place on the altar
~ Wear something comfortable
~ Your favorite essential oil

We can’t wait to BE with you in H E A R T   C E R E M ON Y