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Journal Prompts + check in calls with your sisters

Remembering the guidelines that everyone is whole and complete and on their exact right path.

If you choose to connect in an intentional supportive way outside our retreats ( which I highly encourage to receive the most out of this portal we all have entered into)... here is a template for going into a call with your sister. 

Set an intention, set time container and honor the time container.

Visualize the end of the call what do you hope to have clarity about? How do you wish to feel? speak this aloud :)  

What is the purpose of the call and what you are sharing? Do you wish to understand more of your process and patterns and why they keep repeating? Do you need to vent? Do you want feed back and reflection?


This is an opportunity to practice discernment and clarity of intent with our verbal processing. And receive consent from our sisters that they are willing and able to hear and hold what you need in a clear way.  


Here are some possible questions we can offer if we are holding space. How can I best support you / what is one thing you are willing to shift this week that is attainable to you? What is one way right now, that you can be more gentle and loving with yourself? Where in your body are you feeling this emotion? Can you breath into that?

Audio Meditations

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Victim Triangle 

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Red Tent Temple // E-Books 

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Boundaries / Needs / Desires 

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Eve's list of books for future reading 

Abigail Hinds


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OO Bras OO


CalicoAlchemy (etsy)

~ organic hemp custom made bras & undies!


Barely There

~ super supportive bras without underwire for larger breasts

~ found on Amazon and at Khols


Savage X Fenty

~ lots of different colors/styles/designs that don’t have underwire

~ comes in many sizes including for super large breasts



~ lots of great non-underwire lace bras

~ just came out with a line for curvy & larger breasts


I actually don't have a sheet for the breast class yet, but I will be creating that soon so I will send it when I have it.