Healing is a curious thing... huh? 

realizing my wholeness in the midst of so much conditioned separation for me has been a miracle... that I've needed to catch up to. 

The remembering and forgetting again... and remembering for longer and longer periods... this gift of life. 


Over the course of 13 years, I've gained and will continue to understanding the balance of masculine/feminine harmony through living deeply in connection with my intuitive adventurous spirit and working with an array of teachers and modalities and getting to practice relating in community and with beloved tribe.  


My training includes counseling work, earth shamanic practices, mentoring with sacred plant medicine, bodywork, nutrition, tantra, dance & yoga studies. I resonates with the animist perspective recognizing spirit in everything and my truth and living prayer is to be in balance with all beings as I recognize the balance and wholeness in myself. 


Since 2017 I have worked with dozens of men to embodying their full vessel and heart through her work as a sacred sexuality coach and guide, reflecting their own remembering of the feminine within.


In a similar yet different vain she empowers female bodied beings to reconnect and align with deep self care ritual through the frame of their monthly blood cycle.


Eve believes that empowering women to understand and accept their changing nature through archetypal understanding is a cornerstone to creating an empowering reality. Especially in our world that is dominated by brain-centric yang/energy systems that value consistency over dynamism. 

Read Eve's story of healing here... 


She currently offers virtual counseling/ ceremonies and coaching sessions for clients.  

Last and not least Eve is a day-dreaming, cat napping, book reading, tea sipping, eye gazing, songstress and hot springs goer… You can find her adventuring in her minivan, talking to trees, collecting spring water, making land offerings and prayers and definitely drinking cacao and leaving the phone & internet behind as much as possible.


Education & Training ​

  • 2008 - Bodywork at Institute for Phyco-structural Balancing, drawing on polarity and energy healing 

  • 2014 - YTT ‘Awakened Heart Embodied Mind’, drawing on somatic psychology, neuroscience and Buddhist meditation 

  • 2015 - Counseling with Interchange Counseling Institute

  • 2019 - Metamorphosis Ritual Facilitator Training with Sacred Future - (Ancestor, Grief, Reclamation & Gratitude Rituals )

  • 2020 - Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology ~ Comprehensive Training Level 1

 Courses / Retreats Attended 

  • 2016 - Pachamama Alliance 20th Anniversary Ecuador Amazon Trip - with Bill Twist, Lynn Twist and Jon Perkins 

  • 2017 - Medicine of Money course with Kendra Thornbury 

  • 2017 - Soulmate Within course with Shakti Malan 

  • 2018 - Birthing Sexual Sovereignty course with Sophia Thom 

  • 2019 - Shamanic Drumming ~ Sacred Stream School 

  • 2019 - Depth Hypnosis Foundations course ~ Sacred Stream School 

  • 2019 - Voice of Her Womb course with Maria Stark 

  • 2019 - Visionary Mircro-Dosing course with Laura Dawn 

  • 2020 - Ancestral Medicine ~ Bring Out Your Dead: Ancestral Healing in Poxy Times with Dr. Daniel Foor 

Workshops / Retreats Offered

  • Cyclical Nature - Blood Ways Embodiment course & retreat with EveOak

  • Bird and Feather Magic with EveOak & Abigail Hinds 

  • Counsel of the Heart with Abigail Hinds & EveOak 

  • Ignite Your Feminine Body Temple - DanceEmbodiment  EveOak & Leslie Grace 

  • Weekly Cacao Ritual through Firefly Cacao Community