Harness the Power of  


Changing Seasons

Next Gathering TBD 
~ Welcome to the Cauldron ~  
Where we will share in deep magic for the day!
We will gather in sacred circle to learn about our archetypal nature as women & how our changing selves effect our energy, mood, productivity, sexuality and creativity. 
As we witness others we will be witnessed ourselves, deeply accepting ourselves in ALL our forms. 
This daylong will include
  • Ritual Embodied Dance with the Healing Heart Medicine of Cacao
  • Archetypal understanding of each phase of the blood cycle 
  • Speaking to the shadows of living in a culture dominated by systems of productivity and sun/yang energy and how this can influence disconnection from the body, self judgement and loss of personal power.
  • How to create your own reality based on the natural rhythms of your personal cycle.   
  • Guided shamanic drum journey
  • Working with the Victim Triangle 
  • Sitting in Sacred Counsel 
This powerful transformational container is designed to nourish, support and strengthen your already existing self care practice. 

Hello Dear One, 

The intention of this offering is to support you in taking the next step on your path of self love through compassionate witness, embodiment and practical wisdom within your ever changing self. 

This offering may benefit you if you are ... 


  • Desiring to know yourself on a deeper level by understanding the natural hormones and archetypes your body is cycling.

  • Ready to design a life where you can harness the power of each phase to benefit you on your creative, spiritual and soul purpose growth path in a practical way. 

  • Open to seeing, understanding and shedding negative self talk patterns (that effect us to our core) arising from societal conditioning telling us we need to do more, be more or be somehow different than what we are.

  • Calling in a loving supportive container to be witnessed in...  

  • A FULL Yes to reclaiming embodied heart~womb intelligence as the true source of your intuition, creativity, joy and guidance. 

Praise from past participants​

“My relationship to movement has changed from night to day… I went from being so in my head, judgmental and self-conscious to feeling free and flowing, enjoying my body and being in movement with others without performing.


We created such a safe unconditional love field- I felt so seen, respected and acknowledged, it was very healing, I don’t think I have experienced this in a group container quite like this.


Eve’s ability to tailor the work to everyone’s individual cycle through intuitively understanding the differences in nuance to what someone is going through is truly a gift. She is not operating from a generalized cycle point of view.“

In this fast changing world, I am passionate about every woman finding her way to honor her unique embodiment and finding her voice that carries that truth with deep and enduring self-love. 


I work with women who are dedicated to unlearning the things that no longer resonate as their highest truth and the power of being held in a supportive container. 

In retreat and sacred circle, I guide the empowerment and nurturing of self-love that truly opens women to receive the magic and medicine that is them - shining and falling and shining again!


As a skilled, healing arts practitioner, my training includes counseling work, earth shamanic practices, mentoring with sacred plant medicine, trantra studies, nutrition, energy healing, bodywork, essential oil uses, herbalism, intuitive healing, dance and yoga studies.


Gaining my practice through touching and tasting my life fully. 

The Coven

Come gather round the fire sister.

Tell me what you’ve seen.
Your eyes are pools of darkened light.

In what worlds have you been?

Come sing around the altar sister.

Your voice ignites my soul.
The melodies and chimes and drums

Speak to my heart and make it whole.

Speak of the budding rosebush

And the stories of your life.
I have also walked inside your shoes.

I know about your strife.

Come gather round the fire sister.

Tell me what you’ve seen.

Enter the sacred sisterhood.

You have permission to be free.

S.A. Malouf